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“I am Addicted to Zest” – Success Story of Nutritionist Neha Chandna from Mumbai, India


Neha Chandna has been consulting clients with an aim to get people nutritionally independent, and to get them to lead a healthy life – free from diseases.

Neha Chandna soon realized that it would not be possible for her to physically reach out to clients beyond a certain number, and to make a real difference to more people she began looking for a solution which allowed her to expand her reach beyond geographical limitations. That is when she began using Zest.Md platform, in July 2013.

Initially Neha Chandna was skeptical, as she didn’t know much about online platforms and was unsure on exactly how much value would such a platform add to her consultations. It was important for her that platform helped her maintain the client connect and quality of consultations for clients irrespective of their location.

Just in a couple of months, Zest became an integral part of her consultation process, and she got “addicted” to the Zest platform!

Neha Chandna says, the best part about Zest is the communication tools and automation options which Zest provides. You can set email rules and Zest would automatically send clients emails on their birthdays or emails reminding them to update data. You can also create email rules to send out automated emails based on client’s BMI or based on the services the client is enrolled in.

Neha Chandna now has clients from Australia, Dubai, London, Singapore – in addition to clients from across India.

Neha Chandna recommends platform for any nutritionist who is interested to expand her business and wants to reach out to more clients.

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About Neha Chandna (

Neha Chandna has 5 years of experience in the field. Food and Health is the matter of interest for most of the people today and realizing the need to create awareness and spread the right information to the society, Neha decided to extensively educate herself in the field of nutrition. As a known fact that diet and exercise go hand in hand, She went a step ahead to certify herself as a REEBOK Aerobic instructor.

She is a university topper in ‘Dietetics’ from S.V.T. She has worked as a nutritionist for reputed gyms and fitness trainers and as a consultant with doctors and physiotherapists. She deals with sportsmen, individuals who are obese or victims of lifestyle issues- to name a few- diabetes, thyroid, osteoporosis, PCOS etc. and active/exercising sector of society. She educates and conducts seminar/workshops for corporates like banks (HDFC & Standard Chartered Bank), BPOs and MNCs on the ‘Right ways of eating and living’. She also takes workshops on Nutrition in Pregnancy and Lactation.

Neha also writes articles for magazines and newspapers like New Woman, Beauty and salon, Hello Mumbai, the afternoon etc. She has also done a couple of interviews for TV9 channel. She is an online consultant for a health social networking website

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