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9 Marketing Ideas on Navratri for Nutritionists

Here is a handy checklist of ideas for nutritionists to market themselves over Navratri.

After the image, you will find detailed explanation, ideas and examples for each of the points.

9 Marketing Ideas for Nutritionists on Navratri by ZestMD

9 Marketing Ideas on Navratri for Nutritionists

#1 Create a Special Service

The Navratri is a time when most people focus on making diet changes. They observe a lot of restrictions, and that means they are already engaged in taking out time and care to monitor what they eat.

This makes it the best time for anyone to start on their diet program. The inertia which keeps people away from starting a diet plan is broken in Navratri – the focus and support for diet changes is already in place.

We recommend creating either a 9 day program, or to create a one month program which starts with Navratri.

#2 Blogs & Recipes

There is a huge spike in the search for recipes for Navratri. As discussed, there is a focus on food during this period and people want to try new things and also want to include healthy options.

This means it  is a great opportunity for nutritionists to benefit, and to get their brand in front of people.

Another great benefit of this is the fact that these recipes and blogs would continue to help your marketing every Navratris – twice a year!


#3 Share your food

Are you fasting as well? If yes, then it is a great time to connect with your audience on social media. Share what you are eating with your followers on social media.

You can share it as a photograph or a short video.

This helps people to connect with you at a personal level, and also they develop a trust that this nutritionist practices what she preaches! This trust will go a long way in building your brand.

 #4 Special Needs Group

The fasting in Navratri has a religious value for many, and they really desire to keep the fast. But then certain medical conditions could pose challenge for people and they may be afraid to keep fast or worse, they may keep fast and it could lead to health risks.

Consider people with following special needs:

  • Diabetic patients
  • Patients with Hypertension
  • Pregnant & Nursing Mothers

How can you focus on needs of these special groups? Maybe create a guide for them as a blog post, or have a dedicated day for discussion around only one specific medical condition and what they need to focus on during fasting. You may create a Myth v/s Fact style content for social media.

Ideas to focus on these special groups are many – what is needed is for you to focus on them!


#5 Newsletter

Send a newsletter to everyone who ever enquired with you over past 5 years! Anyone who enquired with you ever, certainly has atleast a small intent to make healthy lifestyle changes. You should embrace every opportunity to connect with them.

Best way is to consistently add value to them. Share your expertise. This way you are assured that whenever they do think of consulting a nutritionist, they will definitely consider enrolling with you.

With your ZestMD account it is really simple and easy to do – you have all records of each and every person who ever enquired handy, and the nifty Newsletter tool helps you send out the email.

You will be surprised how many conversions you can get simply through regularly sending out newsletters.


#6 FB Live 

Facebook Live is another channel that should be must do on your social media check list. It has multiple benefits:

  • Video = Deeper Connect: When you share and connect with audience over a video, they gain a higher level of trust on you, and they are able to directly connect with your personality.
  • Greater Reach: Facebook loves Live videos. It is one of the product that Facebook is really pushing. So a Fb Live video is shown to more people than say a regular video uploaded on your FB page or any other post.

#7 Engage

Take part in conversations everywhere. Don’t just post on your page – but visit groups on facebook or other websites and engage in meaningful discussion. There may be people who are asking a certain question – interact and share your inputs.

Even on your page post things which encourage conversation. Like you can put a photo of your lunch and ask, audience to put photo of their lunch in comments. Or ask people what is the issue they are facing with fasts, or what are the positive things they are feeling after 4-5 days of fasting.

#8 Bring Back Old Clients

Did you have clients who consulted you, who set out on their healthy life and completed the program? Get them back.

Have a special 9 day plan for them – just to reset and help them back.

It is ideal for clients who may not need long diet consultations any longer with you – or also for those clients who don’t think they need consultation any longer, but once they join this 9 day plan with you they may want to continue on a longer duration.

This reconnect also helps you to get testimonials, reviews and referrals from these old clients!

#9 Be Consistent

This is one point I can not emphasise enough. We see nutritionists who may put one single post of ‘Happy Navratri’, and would then look back and feel that my campaign of navratri brought me no results.

If you are going to do this, do it consistently.

Run the campaign for full 9 days! Don’t stop. Plan it well, and execute it!


Your efforts to get clients are online – and if you don’t have a clinic online then you are losing clients every day! Every nutritionist needs an Online Diet Clinic. Get one at today! 


As always, I am reachable at [email protected] – if you have any questions, then write to me.

If you use these tips and want us to have a look and come encourage you, just add #ZestMD to your posts on Instagram/ Facebook/ Twitter and we will come to cheer your efforts!! 🙂

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