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6 Tips for Effective blog writing for Nutritionists

Does it happen with you that you have written a great blog post, but people didn’t appreciate it as much as you would have anticipated? Do you have trouble getting people to read your blog post?

Nutritionists, if you face this problem, this sounds familiar, then read further, there are simple tips to change this!

Using very simple steps you can improve visibility and social share of your blog posts:


1. Blog Title: You need to give enough thought on choosing a right blog title. Only based on title is somebody going to make a decision to click and read the blog or not. Make it interesting, generate curiosity!!

2. Summary in first few lines: After reading first few lines, the user should be able to answer a simple question for himself: what would he gain by reading this post. How can he benefit. (Just look at the first few lines of this post as an example 🙂 ) Note that when a blog is shared on social media first few lines of the blog are visible.

3. Good Photo: People would see the photo from your blog in the summary and wherever it is shared. Catch their attention. Avoid generic photos of fruits and vegetables, and try to get images which might also have some bold text! Images stand out in the cluttered space of social media, and you need to make most out of it.

4. Use Awesome, Socially connected platform: Make it easy for people to help you! Your readers would like to spread your article, but only if you make it easy for them to do so. You need to have a blog platform that integrates really well with social media, not only on the front end but at the back end as well. It can make all the difference. See these two links, one from Blogger ( & other at Zest.Md ( Exactly same article with radically different results!

Don’t let your blog posts die by sticking to platforms which may be sub optimal to meet your social requirements.


5. Quality over quantity: Don’t write an article just because you have to write one! Write only what you think deserves to be read.

Vinayak Garg

6. Numbered Lists: Articles with numbered lists are read and shared more. Like 6 tips for weight loss/ 10 foods to avoid/ 3 steps to a great skin etc etc. (Again, look at title of this post!)

(BONUS Tip: Make a list of article topics over a course of time. When you decide to write an article pick one topic from the list! )

Example: This article had no marketing. Nutritionist didn’t even have a facebook page or mailing list or anything. All results are organic.


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