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8 Marketing Ideas for Nutritionists on Women’s Day [Infographic]

International Women’s Day is celebrated on March 8 every year.

This day has a huge potential for dietitians and nutritionists to charge up their marketing activities. The infographic below provides 8 Ideas that every nutritionist can use to power up her marketing efforts.

8 marketing ideas for nutritionists on womens day by zestmd

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8 Marketing Ideas for Nutritionists on Women’s Day 

Idea #1 : Get Personal
People connect with people. This is an excellent opportunity for you to connect directly with your audience – to transcend from connecting as a brand to now connecting as an individual to your audience.

You may connect and share your own journey – maybe share your own struggles with health and how you overcame them. This surprisingly increases the connect – people tend to connect more with people whom they realize are not perfect, but still overcame obstacles to get things right.

You might also want to cover topics relating to women, work, and family balance. Do you run your own business? It would be great to share your story and journey. Remember, while you share this you are also sending out a message that you are helping a lot of clients with their health issues, and that increases clients’ trust on you.

Sharing on topics outside the main topics of health also helps you reach in communities or connect with audience who would not have connected with you solely for diet and nutrition related content.

Idea #2. Open Up 
Another very engaging way to connect with audience is to hold an AMA (Ask Me Anything)

Let your audience ask you any question and you can answer those. This can work in multiple ways – you may put a Tweet or a post on Facebook and ask people to ask You questions. Now you may either reply to questions as a reply to their comments/ posts or you may simply get on video and answer the questions you received.

Holding an AMA over a focused 1 hour period is highly recommended. An increased interaction in a short duration tends to have a higher reach than answering same number of questions spread over the whole day.

Idea #3 Share Her Story 
You may also consider to bring your clients into spotlight.

Give them a platform to share their own stories. Let them share about their life, obstacles and anything else that they really believe in. Clients may like to share on how correct diet and regaining health made a much bigger impact on their lives beyond just losing weight or looking better.

These real heartfelt stories go a long way to create a connect. These are much better testimonials than Before-after photographs.

Another benefit is that the featured client is likely to share their story among their social circles – this gets you referrals without being pushy.

Idea #4 Help Her

You may consider extending a discount on your services on this day.

Many people need that slight push to take the final step and actually begin their healthy journey. A discount on this date could act as that little push.

This also acts as a way to monetize and bring more returns from all your marketing efforts on this date.

Idea #5 Talk to Her
If photo is worth a thousand words, then video is certainly worth a million words!

Go live on Facebook and talk! Connect with your audience.

Video is a great trust building tool – once they see  and hear you, they have a chance to form a connect with you and take the leap to consult you.

Idea #6 Write for Her 
Write a blog or an article on your Zest.MD eClinic on any topic relating women’s health, nutrition or issues like body image issues etc. It is even better if you do a series of blogs, like say, instead one blog on PCOD you may create a series of blogs relating to PCOD and weight loss, Getting regnant with PCOD, PCOD in teens etc.

Blogs help you on an ongoing basis. Firstly a blog written on ZestMD tool is optimized for search and sharing, that means that this blog would continue to get you readers even years from now.

Secondly, when visitors are coming to your Zest.MD eClinic, they would get to read about your expertise and they are likely to register with you having read your blogs.

Do remember to share the blogs you write! Ideal blog is 500-700 words. Anything less than 200 words may not be very useful.

(Another thing you can do is that include links to your blogs in the automated email follow-ups. You know Zest.MD has section where you can create rule based emails for automatically following up with clients – add a few emails with your new blog posts! These automated follow-ups have helped dietitians increase their conversions by as much as two times!!)

Idea #7 Get in Touch

This is a perfect opportunity to write and connect with any one who may have enquired with you for services in past 5 years!! You may send an email or send them an SMS.

If you are using Zest.MD, it is obviously very simple to do this – just use the newsletter tool and connect with anyone who ever enquired with you. What you may also want to do is filter the contacts based on whether they enrolled with you or if they began payment process but left it midway or send a separate email to clients who enrolled for a service with you but are not currently consulting you.

If you are not using Zest.MD, then I hope you have handy list of every person who ever enquired with you – it is time to connect with them.

Idea #8 Get Social

All the above ideas would fall flat if you do not engage in conversation online.

Post and share on all platforms – create posts, share short videos or whatever you want to do, but do share. (Do not forget LinkedIn & Whatsapp 😉 )

Beyond sharing your own content, engage with content of others – content posted by your clients or posts in groups.

And remember, to share links of Zest.MD Online DIet clinic on social media – that is how you can convert interactions into payments.

Bonus Idea: 
It takes effort to start and execute a campaign, and to get maximum benefit from it remember to not limit yourself to just one day.

Extend the campaign over 3-7 days and include a weekend in the campaign.

Many other brands would stop their content after 8th March, and social media clears up with lesser fresh content on the topic. By running a campiagn over a 3-7 day period you are able to maximize your return from the campaign.


I hope this helps you. If you use any of these ideas, then I would be very happy to hear from you how it went for you. Just leave a comment below.

Add a Tag #ZestMD on any of the social media where you use these ideas, we would be extremely happy to see your work.


If you have any questions, write to us at [email protected]


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