It is Website. It is eClinic. It is Zest.

Built with Love forNutritionists & RDs

The platform comes loaded with features which are built keeping requirements of nutritionists and RDs in mind.

Flexible Diet Chart Templates

We understand that each of the practioner has a unique special way of Diet Chart formats. We give you complete flexibility so as you can create simply any format that you use. What's more, you can also save a template and use it again and again(with modifications, if you want it like that!).

5 Stage Patient Assessment Form

The patient can fill in an assessment form after creating a login on your eClinic. Typical format includes Food habits, Activity details, Medical symptoms and Dietary Recall. And yes, you can edit and create customized Assessment Form too!

Trackers & Daily Diary

Follow-up with patients should not require your time. With custom trackers and daily diary tools your patients would be able to enter their progress regularly. You can view tracker charts and provide feedback! Now get higher adherence from your patients!

One Stop SolutionWebsite on the outside, TeleHealth Portal Inside

We believe that you need a personal website to reach out to larger patient base. We understand you need a TeleHealth platform to serve patients online.
We bring to you a single solution with seamlessly integrated website and TeleHealth platform. It helps you reach out and serve!

Customizable Pages

You would be able to list your profile, contact information and all other things which are essential on website of any practioner. And making changes to the pages is easy and simple.

List Services

Add services and consultation packages on your website. You can also add variants packages within a service.

Choose Design

eClinic comes with a range of design themes. With a single click you can change how your eClinic looks.

Integrated Blog

Write blog on your eClinic itself. Write blog posts and attract more people to your eClinic.

Social Media Integration

We understand the importance of social media in attracting new visitors and building trust. eClinic is fully integrated with social media, so that you get more returns from your efforts.

SEO Friendly

Dominate Google, Yahoo & Bing with our SEO friendly features, crafted by the experts. Custom Keywords, Page titles, footer text, author profile integration and much more ...

Accept Payments

You can integrate your paypal account with eClinic in a single click. Accept payments from your customers in a seamless manner.

Unique Domain Name

You get a unique web address. Feel free to share it through visiting cards, social media or any other way to get visiors flowing in.

Hosted in Cloud

We take care of everything technical, so you can focus on making your practice grow! eClinic is hosted in cloud, with 99.994% uptime guaranteed!

Single Point Solution withPatient Management

We have a robust patient management solution integrated with your eClinic. We understand that it can be cumbersome for you to manage details of your offline and online patients separately, so your eClinic is designed to manage both. All patients at a single point!

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