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Women Entrepreneur #4 : Beautiful Story of Dietitian Asritha Vissapragada

I feel blessed for being women.  I describe women as a beautiful rainbow. As a rainbow has many colours and each colour is unique similarly women have many roles to play and each role is unique and they are tied with different emotions.

Being alive inspires me a lot from childhood. I feel the biggest miracle on the earth is the presence of life. Life is always a magic. Nobody knows the secret behind birth and death.  With this amazement, I started my journey towards life sciences.  Childhood I spent thinking doctors cure everything and aspired to be a doctor. Then I discovered, it is the medicine that helps the doctor so, I pursued Bachelors in Pharmacy. Then I discovered prevention is better than cure, and then did my masters in Applied Nutrition. Now I feel food alone does not prevent a disease, but the energy that is carried along with food also have major role to play. I realized this after completing my certification through Food and Spirit program.  Looking back I feel much confident that I learned a lot. This confidence gives me pulse to learn new things.  Learning is continues process and I do that.

In this journey as a Nutritionist I get to meet new people, became self compassionate, learned to understand people, noticed the power of silence, learned to multitask things.

I started my career five years back. I have seen many women suffering with different health problems. But the common point I noticed is they are lacking self compassion, self love. They are always giving their time to family, trying to say “yes” to every  task and getting exhausted by the end of the day. They are ignoring their self.

My only message to all women is “Self love helps to love people around us in a better way.”(Inspired from Dr. Deanna )

I would like to Thank  Zest.Md team for giving a best platform for all Nutritionist. They are helping women who cannot make time to go out for work, but aspire to achieve their passion.



Dietitian Asritha Vissapragada
Founder Diet Planners, Hyderabad 

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