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Women Entrepreneur #5, Inspiring Story of Diet Consultant Vinita Aran, Mumbai

I have been a rank holder in PG Dietetics and started my career with a famous Diabetologist,then worked for few years with a prominent slimming centre.

I increased my qualifications by doing a Fitness trainer’s course and became a Certified Diabetes Educator from American Diabetes Association.I have been Senior Diet Consultant with Apollo Clinic for past 9 years and also run my own Diet Clinic “Eat your way to Good Health” in Andheri east, Mumbai. I have done several talks on Nutrition and health for Corporates like Mahindra Finance,Hyatt Regency etc and also individual consultations for their senior management.

In my clinical practice, I emphasise the nutrient density of a food rather than simply counting calories. For example you might eat a medium size Banana or 2 slices white bread. Both have approx 100 calories but the nutrient density of Banana is many times more than bread.

I believe in suggesting a diet pattern as close as possible to a client’s normal diet which gives higher compliance in the long run .Also emphasising on healthy lifestyle . Most of my weight loss clients are able to maintain their lost weight for many years after completing the program. My motto and slogan which is also the name of my clinic is..”Eat your way to Good health.”

For my weight loss patients ,my mantra is….”Lose weight Gain health without starvation“.



Dietitian Vinita Aran
Founder of Eat your way to Good Health, Mumbai

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