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Women Entrepreneur #​7​, Inspiring Story Of ​Dietitian Geeta Shenoy, Mumbai

When I look back over my career of 26 years, I realise that there wasn’t a single thing that happened as planned.

I took some decisions that seemed right at those times and held on to them with patience and perseverance. In fact, I had always aspired to be a doctor. But, a series of personal setbacks, brought me to SNDT.There again, I chose nutrition as my major because I wasn’t good at any other subject like textiles, home management, etc. Nutrition, especially working in hospitals gave me an immense sense of satisfaction. I cleared my RD examination against all odds-marriage, full time work and 9 month old baby! But as the all other medical fraternities, this profession pays a pittance and after sometime also becomes repetitive.

Though my stint at S.L Raheja Hospital gave lots of learning opportunities like CME, research papers, exhibitions, I wanted something more. That’s when the opportunity to work as a Diabetes Educator came along. It was new, untrodden path by dieticians at the time. But I was so bored with my job that I just jumped into a totally alien area of work where I had to travel, meet KOLs, organize programs, work with marketing people, etc. Over the next 8 years I changed 3 organisations and travelled all over India and abroad as well. This really helped me to be worldly wise, improved my organisational and communication skills.  I also learnt how to use various marketing tools in a planned manner. This job paid better but the independent nutrition practice bug was still eating at my heart. All it took was one bad boss, to awaken me from my comfort zone and within no time, I started my own practice.  Years of experience and good networking helped me start as a consultant with hospitals and over the last 10 years I have built a good consultancy practice.

A piece of advice for the new aspirants in this field – hard work always pays, no matter how small the job or how little the money. Just love your work, let it show in your behaviour and actions, take pride in your profession, keep learning, take some calculated risks and you will definitely prosper in your career!


Dietitian Geeta Shenoy,
Founder Geeta Shenoy’s Nutrition & Wellness Clinic, Chembur, Mumbai
Consult Online Dietician for weight loss

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