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Women Entrepreneur #​10​, Inspiring Story Of ​Dr. Richa Garg, Delhi

I Dr Richa Garg belongs to Punjab , after doing my BAMS studies started working in Patiala . There was working in the  Allopathic  hospital and was successfully managing lots of diseased patients. But one incident of Rajput Gupta aged 32 shattered me , he was a case of Morbid Obesity and died due to sudden  Heart Attack . Suddenly his wife came to us crying in sorrow and asked us  why we doctors wait for a Heart Attack to happen , please why you cannot prevent it .This incident shook me from inside and I took decision to rather waiting here for another Heart Attack to arrive , I shall work for preventing it by modifying the Lifestyle of the person’s.
In the  mean time got married to an allopathic doctor, Dr Pramod Garg who is a reputed Senior Medical Officer in CRPF in Home Ministry, and I had to shift in Delhi. Here my husband very well supported in my aim of preventive medicine  and equally laid down the efforts in establishing Arogyam Health and Wellness Centre in 2009. Started base in Delhi , here we provide all sorts of diet plans and tips for Obesity management and other Lifestyle modification. 
We have not limit ourselves just to Delhi rather open our other branches in tier 2 cities like in Bhiwani and Narnaund ( Haryana) and Jalalabad ( Punjab) , also visiting consultant in Ludhiana too . I would like to mention here name of my colleague Dr Gushneet Madan who has equally supported and taking care of Punjab client.
We here cater clients through all over India and abroad by designing diet program completely online .
Upto now successfully managed more than 2000 clients who all are living healthy and prosperous life.
In the end I would like to mention that my motto in life is working for betterment of Mankind and gradually ,one day will overcome the current  epidemic troubling mostly all of us named Obesity .
I remember the famous quote of Stephen Covey here 
Once the Mind conceive , Heart can believe , Body can pursue that can be Achieve .So this is my journey starting from scratch to a founder of Arogyam Wellness Centre.

The mantra is Working for betterment of humanity gives me fuel and desire to work in this beautiful field of Nutrition.
Dr. Richa Garg
Founder Arogyam Wellness Centre, Delhi
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