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Updates (Jan 15, 2016)

  • SMS: Updation of SMS text that is sent to client when a nutritionist replies to a message. New paragraphs are correctly handled in the SMS text now.
  • Client Deletion Process: You can now delete a client record from the client profile page itself.
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Success Stories

0 to 200 in 6 months : Secret Story Of a Dietitian

Dietitian Ankita Gupta with experience of 6 years decided to begin with her own consultation practice in 2014. To overcome her challenge of reaching out to clients and growing her client base she began with eClinic with ZestMD and in 6 months she got to 200 clients.

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Knowledge Series Online Nutrition Business

[Knowledge Series] Relevance of Online Consultation for Health Coaches & how to start right! – interview with Ling from Slideberry

We see that more and more health coaches who are just starting with online consultation for their clients tend to get drowned in the overwhelming number of technical tools and all the settings and options.

We talk with Ling from Slideberry on what are main things a health coach should focus on, when getting started with online consultation.

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