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I have patients from UK, USA & also from small village of India – Growth Story of Dt. Nisha Malhotra


Dt. Nisha Malhotra has been using eClinic by Zest.Md since November 2012. When she began with the eClinic, she was running offline diet clinics and was getting client leads essentially from local search engine providers like Justdial etc.

Having being offline for past 29 years, journey to get started online was not an easy start, but with her efforts and use of eClinic platform by she was able to scale up online really fast.

Here is a video where Dt. Nisha Malhotra shares her success with She share how Zest.Md helped her grow business by 5 times and now she is getting patients from all over.


Growth of Patients & Expanding Reach

The key benefit for Dt. Nisha Malhotra was the increase in exposure to people looking for Diet Consultation globally.

Within the first week of starting eClinic, she shared link of her new eClinic with all her patients – and very soon referrals from other cities started rolling in. Her current patients could get her more and more referrals from outside the city.


And this traffic for Dt. Nisha Malhotra has come from all over the globe!

global traffic_nisha

And a clear result is visible in the kind of engagement that the blog posts written by Dt. Nisha Malhotra was able to achieve:


Reasons why Zest.Md works

The key with the eClinic platform provided by Zest.Md is that it is NOT a market place listing website with multiple nutritionists – it serves as your identity on the internet. Dt. Nisha Malhotra has listed this eClinic at all other websites where she is currently listed







But how does it work so well? Zest.Md has been designed with care specifically for Nutritionists, by people who understand internet well.

– It is really simple to use, to help nutritionists and patients to transition online smoothly.

– Platform has been designed with depth attention to Search Engine Optimization and Social Sharing. It is this that helps you get found on internet easily.

– Dt. Nisha Malhotra ranks in Top 5 results for query ‘Diet Clinic’ on Google!

Innovative apps to help your facebook fans to begin registration from facebook itself:




You can visit Dt. Nisha Malhotra’s eClinic at or view her facebook page at



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