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After completing my Doctoral Research work in Nutrition and with a Gold Medal, UGC – NET, JRF/SRF, I looked for a lecturership job  but soon got to realize this was tougher than stepping on the moon and even more so without any closeness to University Dept Head or political backing. Started my first part time job with a wellness brand and soon was promoted as Centre Manager there. I got many new businesses to handle as Business Heads which gave me enough exposure and experience. Its been nearly 4 years now since I quit job and started my own practice. The journey till now has been amazingly smooth.

Till I started off on my own, I always thought that my degree was a big mistake of my life. But the pains I took to complete my education are paying off now.

When I was in job, the ‘Target’ pressure was bearable, but the ‘Delhi Traffic’ and ‘Hard Selling Culture’ was not. My younger child wasn’t keeping well and as a mum I had to be at her bedside. One fine day I quit the job with a determination that whatever I do in life, would be far better than what I am doing today.

I started off with free online advertising and people started booking appointments with me. Footfall was very low initially but effective counselling and personalized diet plans helped me get many happy clients and then some good testimonials and referrals.  In a span of 4 years, now I find myself at a stage (Touch Wood )where I am short of time to give easy appointments to patients.

I have always believed in personalized counselling where the patient feels completely at home. I prefer keeping 50 patients than 100 as I need to give them personal attention. I do not work with a business target. I target the well- being and the happiness I want to see on my patient’s face. Work Ethics is something which I never compromise with. I never enrol a case I am not competent enough to deal with. If I do not see the need, I will NOT enrol the person for a program. Today I can proudly say that where I am today financially and professionally wasn’t possible with any job or service (Touch wood again). The joy of working for your own self, in your own way and by your own created principles is amazing, incomparable.

I owe this success to few people besides GOD Himself – My husband for guiding me at every step and making me believe in myself; Children for not making me do something which was much less than my calibre; Brother for standing behind me like a pillar; Parents and In-laws for coaxing me to do something better in life.

Thanks for the Professional guidance – Vinayak Garg ( Zest.Md) and Thank you to my team Sangeetha & Preeti.

I have these two quotes up on my wall to help me keep going……

“Miracles Do Happen, Keep Believing in God’’

‘’ I am more than I appear to be. The world’s strengths and powers rest inside me.’’

Dr. Shalini Singhal
Founder of Dr. Shalini’s Diet & Wellness , Dwarka

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