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Are You Ready for the New Year Rush!


If you are a Health Coach/ Nutritionist or a Dietitian, then get ready to gain maximum from the New Year rush! This is your golden period, get ready and grab the most from it!!

Did you know, 38% of people make a New Year resolution relating to Weight Loss & healthy Eating!!!


Now, you might have already been associated with a large number of people who had expressed interest in healthy eating, and talked to you about your services and how healthy eating could help them, but a lot of them might not have gone ahead and actually engaged with you. Timing is everything, and while discounts and sale offers are not always the right motivator for people to join a Health Coach, New year Resolutions are enough to provide that final nudge to people to get them into joining.

Here are 7 simple ways you can get ready & benefit: 

  1. Write specific blogs on how people could maintain their New Year Resolutions related to health goals
  2. Provide special service for people looking to uphold their New Year Resolutions. Emphasize on the importance of a good start.
  3. Hold webinars.
  4. Reconnect with people who might have connected you during the last year but not enrolled with you.
  5. Send specific newsletters.
  6. Follow-up all interactions post Newsletter/ Webinar/ Blog post in a very timely manner.
  7. Be active on social media and educate your existing clients to refer their friends who might want to achieve health gals in the New Year

An eClinic platform where the people could register on their own for your services and diet plans could help you harness this rush in an even better manner. Google Search volume for Weight Loss jumps to all year high every January – Get found, Get Clients!

Good luck, and get started!

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