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6 Simple Ways Nutritionists Can Grow Their Business Online


Vinayak GargIf you are reading this blog post, then I am assuming that you are already aware about the internet, its power and the way social networks and online stores have affected the way consumers are discovering and purchasing products or consuming services online!



Single most important New Year Resolution for every nutritionist in 2013 should be: To Get Online and To Begin Consulting Patients using internet! If you fail on this resolution, then there is a good chance that you would not be a part of other people’s New Year Resolutions in 2014.

Nutrition consulting is one of to most rapidly growing services online. There are You would agree with me when I say that Nutrition is not a short term solution, but infact it is a long term collaboration between practitioner and client to get into a healthy way of life. So one thing that a person wants to ensure, before embarking on long term nutrition consultation, is that the regular consultation itself is easy, non time-consuming and fits into his/ her current life!

Its time you use internet to your advantage. 

Here are 6 simple ways you can begin on this journey!

#1 Choose a Niche Today! 

Building a niche is useful in any field, and nutrition counseling is no different. You want to stand out from rest of the nutritionists, but how do you do that? You develop a nice niche! A niche can be described as a ‘special area of demand for a product or service’.
Here is a brief list of some niches that nutritionists may choose:
– Pregnant Women
– Children (ADHD Nutrition)
– Athletes
– Weight Loss
– Diabetic
– Sports Nutrition
When you actively pursue a niche, you find that you get more referrals-even from your competition! What is important is that others also recognize you to have a niche and you are able to command a standing in your niche. With internet easier than before to establish a niche, and it is also more viable.

#2 Become Social

It is time for you to put facebook, twitter, LinkedIn and all other social networks to good use. (And please maintain separate personal and professional space. Your clients may not necessary like to know how many coins you collected by cultivating a virtual farm!) 

Make a facebook page, and use it to share and promote information about your selected Niche! You would slowly begin to build an audience and you would be able to engage them in a meaningful manner over time. Remember, numbers are not the only important thing, relevance of audience is the key – and here is why choosing a niche helps.

#3 Network with Other Nutritionists

Network. Let them know that you are an expert in a very niche area, and if they do need any expertise in that niche area they are sure to approach you. LinkedIn is an amazing tool to network among the professional circles. You must absolutely have a complete profile, and join groups. It is a good idea to join groups which might be complimentary and super set of your niche.

#4 Write Blog 

So are you wondering how to engage patients on facebook or how to let peers know about your expertise on LinkedIn? One of the best ways is to write blogs. Write blogs on topics which would attract people who are genuinely interested in your service or your niche. Most important thing to note is that your blog content should be genuine, and factually correct! Remember: Write only what you sincerely feel is worth reading. Don’t write blog for the sake of writing.

#5 Listen & Respond

Its not all about telling people. Social media is a place for conversation & discussion and do not treat it as a simple broadcasting platform. Take time to respond to any communication that comes your way: from a prospective client, a peer or even from someone who is a reader you know won’t become a client! You would be amazed how often this simple step is missed out by people, and they end up not benefiting much at all.

#6 Be Accessible – Get eClinic

What is most important is to be able to serve all the patient interest which you would generate from all the above steps. Are you prepared to serve all the outstation patients being referred by your peers because they know how awesome you are in your niche. Or are you ready to convert the engaged audience of blog posts and facebook page to clients?

Get an eClinic for nutritionists at Zest.Md and become ready! This would give you power to actually enroll patients in service, send them their diet charts and track their progress!


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  • ZOOMI SINGH Sep 12,2013 at 5:05 am

    now i really want to start eclinic with specialisation in diabetes . I had completed M.Sc in nutritional science and 3 months internship from Ram manohar lohia hospital delhi. Please help me to start my career via eclinic

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