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0 to 200 in 6 months : Secret Story Of a Dietitian


Dietitian Ankita Gupta with experience of 6 years decided to begin with her own consultation practice in 2014. To overcome her challenge of reaching out to clients and growing her client base she began with eClinic with ZestMD and in 6 months she got to 200 clients.


Dietitian Ankita Gupta started as a dietitian in fitness chain and worked with Fitness First & Fortis Hospitals. After 6 years of working with big brands, she decided to start her own diet consultation practice.


The BIG Challenge

Starting her own freelance diet consultation practise seemed like the obvious choice – Dt. Ankita had all the experience she needed and she was confident that she would deliver value to her clients. She knew that if a client talks to her once, he/ she would find immense value and getting them to begin a diet plan would not be difficult – however, the big challenge facing her now was on how to reach out to the clients and get them to the first consultation.


Based in Gurgaon, Dt. Ankita was faced with the issue that it is not easy or simple to get the word out.  Dt. Ankita wanted to have an online presence which would allow her to be visible to the prospective clients, and also have a way for the clients to begin the online consultation at their own pace.


This is when she started with her eClinic


Why did she take the platform?

From her experience Dietitian Ankita knew that patients spend a lot of time online searching for dietitians and diet tips. She wanted to have an online presence and to be able to be visible to people actively searching online. Also, Dietitian Ankita realized that to grow she would have to also consult clients who are not near her – she thus needed a way for clients to not only find her online, but also a way for clients to interact and consult with her online.

Experience & Success

Initially, Dietitian Ankita was sceptical about whether the platform would work for her or not. She completed service description and shared her eClinic link in her circle, through social media and emails. Slowly clients began finding her, registering and connecting with her for queries and consultation.

Initial few weeks the conversion and success rates were not high – it was difficult to stay motivated, but I am glad that I continued to put in effort. Soon after a few more weeks the number of clients and conversion rates increased tremendously.

She has catered to 200+ people in 6 months itself. Ankita Gupta now has clients from all parts of Delhi and Gurgaon– in addition to clients from across India. Ankita Gupta recommends platform for any nutritionist who is interested to expand her business and wants to reach out to more clients.


Key to Her Success:

“The key to success is to add as much as information as possible on the eClinic platform, through service description, blogs etc. Also make it a point to share the link through all the channels possible. I shared the link and stayed motivated in the initial days, and it has paid off!”


About Ankita Gupta
Dietitian Ankita Gupta ( is a co-founder of Nutrition Matters, Delhi. She has done in Food & Nutrition and has more than 7 years of experience in field of Diet & Nutrition. She is helping people to reach to their health related goals with her healthy diet and change in lifestyle.



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