In our latest release, we allow you to do two very important tasks:

  • Change the email id with which you login into your eClinic (Primary Email)
  • Add email ids on which you want a copy of email notifications about clinic activity to be sent

You can do this very simply by going to Settings >> General


The Settings & Options for Adding/ Editing Email Addresses

Changing the Primary Email ID

By default the email address you use to create your eClinic is treated as the primary email address. The Primary Email Address is used for following:

  • It is used to login into eClinic as Administrator.
  • Patients receive automated emails from this email id.
  • Password change request for eClinic is sent to this id.

The way the process is designed, you can not edit or make changes to an email address while it is set as primary email address. If you want to edit/ change primary email id, add a new email id as per your needs; make it primary and delete the old one.

We hope this facility to add emails and edit primary email is helps you use the eClinic in a more smoother manner. We believe it is especially useful for small diet clinics and gyms, who might be using our non-enterprise products but the work-flow requires communication with multiple stakeholders.