Have you started getting registered users on your eClinic? Congrats!

With very simple steps you can convert these registered users into paying customers.


#1  Read the patient Profile Information

When a patient registers at your eClinic, we ask them a few questions. This information is available for you to view to understand the registered user better. Having a look at this information you can narrow down the services which would be useful for this user.

Also, if a patient has filled in his information in detail, it is a good indication of the seriousness of the user and he/ she is more likely to convert to a paying client.


#2 Send a Message

On the right side, on each patient profile , you will see a message box. If the patient has asked you a query, that would also be visible here.

As a first contact, you should consider sending patient a welcome message. It is important for you to make this message useful for patient as well as prompt them to enroll for the service.

Typically you should include the following details:

- Say Hi!

- If the patient has not filled in his profile details, you should tell him why it would be a good idea for them to complete the details.

- If the details are already filled, very briefly tell them how they can gain by a customized diet consultation: Eg: With a customized diet chart suited for your lifestyle you would be able to control diabetes and also lose weight in a healthy way.

- Emphasize that diet consultation can be provided through online platform, with regular monitoring and interaction.

- Do not provide too much advice/ tips/ suggestions.

#3 Give a call

The key value proposition which you bring for the patient is the valuable personal care from a qualified nutritionist – let them know this. Give your users a call and discuss how they can gain from a personalized diet consultation. Emphasize on results they can expect and how it will be crucial for them.

A phone call is a great way to build trust.


#4 Be Fast & Responsive

Speed matters when it comes to follow-up with any user who registered online. If you take 4-5 days to follow-up with a registered user, they are not going to trust that they would receive better support after enrolling in as a patient.

Patients would like to work with responsive nutritionists, and you should interact in same responsive way with registered users.


It is a great idea to dedicate 30 minutes everyday to followup with the patients who register with you!