1. Log on to your eClinic.
  2. Select “Services Manager” on the side (left) navigation bar and click on “Add Service”
  3. The page that then opens up requires you to fill in the service details.
    • Enter the Service Name
    • Add description of the service.
    • You may upload a photograph which helps further explain the service you are adding.  (Click on the “Upload Image” button which you will find just below the “Description” box.)
    • Enter the service package details. You can have multiple packages for the same service.
      • Enter the duration (in months)
      • Enter the cost of the package
      • Click “Add package”
      • You can repeat to add more packages with different duration & cost.
    • Once you have added all details, click on “Add Service” at the bottom of the page to save the service.


New Service has now been added along with the details entered. You can now view it by clicking on ‘Services’ on top header bar.