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Women Entrepreneur #​9​, Inspiring Story Of ​Nutritionist Tehzeeb Lalani,Mumbai

So many things inspire me (different people, new cities, unique interactions and situations etc.)! I feel like there is so much to learn and explore in this world from people, places and situations and so narrowing that down to one thing would be unjust to say the least. But what drives me to work as a counselor is when I see misconceptions all around and people falling prey to them. My heart calls out to those who are incorrectly informed and I love fixing that. I love being a catalyst toward positive change in my own tiny way.

One of the bigger challenges I faced when starting my practice was that because I looked young, I was afraid that people wouldn’t take me seriously. There really is only one sure shot way to overcome that and a set of similar challenges we face-get up and show up. Show up to a situation and do your bit and let the rest take its course.
Just like inspiration, it doesn’t come from any one particular place. Life is filled with so many different experiences and so many interesting people and there is something to learn from everyone. But a few of the most important life lessons I have learned in my short journey thus far are as below:
1. Consistency is key
2. Even if you aren’t always sure of where you’re headed, keep your focus
3. Take neither success nor failure personally
4. Do meaningful work for a greater good, not to receive some kind of praise/applause/acknowledgement
5. Keep faith-in your work and yourself .
Tehzeeb Lalani
Founder Scale Beyond Scale, Mumbai
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