Women Entrepreneur #​16, Inspiring Story Of ​Dietitian Ankita Gupta, Hyderabad

I started my career after marriage but had stop just after gap of one half years to raise my kids. I was out of practice for 5 years & forgotten many things. It was a new city & gap of 5 years, I wasn’t sure from where to start, then I thought, small or big doesn’t matter, I need to start, I started consulting some of my friends in my housing society.

With my hard work & off course hard work of my clients too, my clients started achieving results & so as me. With the word of mouth, I started getting more & more clients not only from my apartment but also from nearby localities.

Second phase of my journey started with online presence. I understood importance of technology & thought, best way to connect with more & more people is to use social network platform & internet however technology can only help you to connect with people but from there starts your hard work & dedication to help your clients to achieve results.

Nothings speaks better than results for you. Today I am associated with many corporates & run my own clinic. I have been awarded as “Best Dietician in Telangana”by Worldwide Achievers for year 2015.

I will summarize my journey as a journey started with very small steps & aiming to fly high in sky. Nothing replaces determination & hard work, it doesn’t matter how small your first step is.

My “Mantra in Life” is don’t chase money, love your work & help your clients…success will be yours, if not success, no one can take away satisfaction from you !!”


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Dietician Ankita Gupta
Founder Nutriediet, Hyderabad


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