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Women Entrepreneur #​14, Inspiring Story Of ​Diet Consultant Shweta Sharma, Mumbai


My journey as a Diet Consultant began 7 years back, when I lost around 25 kilos from a highly overweight body due to pregnancy complications and post-pregnancy health issues.

I developed this passion then, to help people who find difficulties in losing their weights in a healthy way. After working as a Nutritionist in various health clubs of Mumbai, I decided to start  my venture “ ActiveLife”. I began freelance consultancy services with a great desire to counsel young children and adolescents initially. As I believe, children are most vulnerable towards Junk eating nowadays.

Moreover, parents are not motivated themselves to teach them the repercussions of unhealthy foods. This encouraged me to start consultations for age group between 6 and 16 years. I have clients who are young children, and play sports. I feel inspired when these young children are benefitted with my diets. After then, I also started counselling people of all age groups.

I feel most rewarded when my clients get their desired results, and they say “Ma’am, I have achieved my fitness goal”. This inspires me a lot.

In these 7 years of my Fitness journey, I have understood body responses on Diets and Exercises. How the body type changes just by changing one’s lifestyle.

I have applied my own Fitness Mantra of “Eat Healthy, Stay Fit, Be Active.

This MANTRA OF LIFE keeps me going. My morning exercises with healthy dieting helps me to remain active and fit even at the age of 40.


Dietitian Shweta Sharma
Founder Activelife, Kandivali Mumbai


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  • surekha Mar 9,2016 at 2:17 pm

    Keep the good work on Shweta !

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