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Women Entrepreneur #​12​, Inspiring Story Of ​Nutritionist Khushboo Sahijwani, Mumbai


So my journey of being a Diet & Nutrition Consultant began 11 years years ago, where I entered the field of Home Science with majors in Dietetics after my HSC in the SVT college of SNDT Womens University. The decision was a bit wavory in the begining as pure Science like medical or Home Science was a little tricky one.

But then after a detailed insight and lot of brain storming with family & freinds, I took it up. After that there have been no regrets. Its a very obvious fact that any other trend will come and go in any field but Food will never fade out from anyones life. The fight for everyone in their entire life has been for food & money.

So with this fact as my inspiration and with health & fitness gaining awareness & popularity over the recent past I have been blessed to consult people for various conditions like weight management, cardiac, diabetes, etc to name a few.

But somewhere it is also a bit unfortunate to see that a large segment of people still blindly believe more in medicines to get cured rather than believing in food to have all the medicinal powers. So along with my other fellow Nutritionists I would like to eradicate this belief from the people’s mind.

Mantra of Life  “Spreading the Joy of Health & Happiness”.




Khushboo Sahijwani
Founder Khushboo Sahijwani’s eClinic

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