eClinic for Health Coaches

Most efficient client management and monitoring solution for Health Coaches.

Try once, and you will never go back to emails for consulting.

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You will love using Zest, here is why

Save Time

Client management tasks completed in a jiffy. No more emails - answer all client queries from within the platform in seconds. 

More value for clients

Clients can communicate with ease and can access resource center provided by you. Clients can fill daily diary and track their progress on your portal, adding more value and accountability for clients.

Accept Payments Online

Add paypal account and begin accepting payment for your services online. Payment directly credited to your account.

Automate Detox Plans

Have a Detox plan? Automate your detox plans within 10 minutes. Set it on a group program setting or release as the client enrolls - you have full control! 

Integrated Apps

Cliets can share their data from apps like Runkeeper and Fitbit with you - from your platform you get to see their efforts and progress in real time!

Simple to use

The platform is created for Health Coaches - it is moulded around you and we speak the same language as you - No more tech jargon and options which are difficult to understand. Simple, to-the-point solution.

Commonly Asked Questions

I consult clients on 1-to-1 basis. How would platform help me?

The platform would help you stay better connected and updated with your clients. Your clients can create their own account, update their profile and share data from apps like Fitbit and Runkeeper with you. You and your client can exchange messages and files through the platform itself, helping you manage loads of data very simply, in a relevant manner.

What questionnaire are clients able to fill on my portal? Can I customize it?

Your portal comes pre-loaded with a standard questionnaire for cliemt assessment. This is a questionnaire which most of our Health Coaches use and are happy with it. However, if you have any customization request for your client assessment questionnaire, just ask us and we will modify your assessment form for you!

Can I use this platform to run group programs?

Yes. Many of our coaches run group program and we have special provision for it. When creating a service you may indicate the start date for the group program and all enrolled users for the group program begin to receive the files, receipes etc. starting from that date.

I am not technology expert, would I be able to use it?

If you are able to use email and facebook, you would surely be able to use this platform. It is muchsimpler and saves time! We also have a team ready to help and assist you to get started.